• To provide scientific and technological prescriptions on matters related to natural resources, Environment, Geomatics, GIS and related aspects  to Academic (Universities, Colleges, Schools etc)  R&D institutions.
  • To conduct research and innovations on subjects related to environment, sustainable development and natural resource base.
  • To serve as a nodal Centre of Advanced Studies in the field of sustainable development, resource extraction, Environmental degradation and management, and as a Centre of Excellence in the field of Geomatics and its applications
  • To offer judicious plans for sustainable development, management and environmental governance
  • To collaborate with academic establishments, R&D institutions and other Statutory Organizations in India and abroad, for collaborative researches in field of environmental sciences and resource management and Geospatial technologies and solutions
  • To serve as a knowledge hub in field of Sustainable Management of water and other natural resources and  human resources,  and as a repository of knowledge on Geomatics applications
  • To work for national integration, inclusiveness and clean environment.
  • To con