As GIS becomes more ingrained into business processes, the demand for skilled workers and also for formal and professional education has also increased. Promoting professional adoption and awareness of best practices and standards in the GIS profession through a series of professional, certificate and customized programs will be made available to prepare the next generation of GIS employees.To carry out our mission, we undertake to

Provide high quality professional education,

Foster communications among IT/GIS management professionals in provincial/state and local government, and

Encourage a multi-disciplinary approach to the design and use of urban and regional information systems.

We actively work directly with stakeholders, business leaders, with State legislators and with local elected officials to advance and support the GIS profession and GIS professionals. The coordination were doing with other associations and organizations is something thats made possible because of the diverse backgrounds of our faculty and advisory panel members. This unique combination is brought to bear on the problems and issues that stand in the way of our individual and collective success.